12 Caravanning Apps

12 Handy apps every caravanner should use

12 Caravanning AppsWe live in an age of modern technology, and with more and more people owning smart phones the demand for useful apps is increasing. If you don’t own a smart phone, this post may just convince you to get one.

I use my smart phone all the time, especially on caravanning trips. There are actually some really nice apps available that help with all aspects of the trip.

Here are 12 apps that every caravanner should use (plus an extra bonus one at the bottom!):

SiteSeeker AppSiteSeeker
The SiteSeeker app is by the Camping and Caravanning Club. The app has a number of interesting features which I think sound particularly clever:

- Ability to filter sites by location, price and their facilities
- Site booking options
- Live and interactive map that shows you sites nearby
- Online and offline functionality
- Features all Club, Forest and Certificated sites
- Only Club members get access to certificated sites

If you're a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club then I think this app is a no-brainer download, especially as it's free!
Alan Rogers Camping appAlan Rogers Camping
This is a really handy little app that has over 3,000 sites listed in 29 different countries. It is based on reviews and allows you to find the very best sites based on other user reviews. You can also leave your own reviews of sites you have visited to help other users.

The app also includes opening times and driving directions to all sites. Well worth a download considering it's free.
Highways Agency Traffic ApLive Traffic Info
Live Traffic Info is by Highways Agency. As you may already know, the Highways Agency are responsible for maintaining and improving the major roads in England. Their National Traffic Control Centre reports on traffic activity on all motorways and major A road through England. Better still - it's free!
AroundMe appAroundMe
Now this is an app I find myself using all the time, not just when caravanning. If you ever need to find your nearest; cash machine, petrol station, restaurant, hospital, etc, then this is the app you need. You just load it up, click the button for the service you are looking for and the app will list the most local ones and tell you how far away they are.

It has truly proven invaluable to me when visiting places I am not familiar with. Download it to your phone NOW! It's free and available on both iOS and Android.
Dishpointer Pro appDishpointer AR Pro
If you use a satellite dish when you go caravanning then this one is a must have. It saves all the hassle of working out which way to point your dish yourself. The Dishpointer app allows the user to face their phone up to the sky and the on-screen camera will plot the location of the satellite. It will also bring your attention to any line of sight issues.

It's not free, but for the money it certainly saves you a load of stress - you're meant to be on holiday after all!
Spirit Level appSpirit Level
You've probably all already got a spirit level, heck some of you probably just do it by eye! But levelling your caravan with your smart phone does give you some bragging rights. The app has a number of different features but most are not relevant to caravanners, you will likely just be using the "Bubble Level".

Calibration is required on a known flat surface but overall, a very nifty app. Oh, and it's free. The Android version I have linked to is a different app of equal rating.
iBBQ appiBBQ
This is one of my personal favourites. I love a good BBQ!

The iBBQ app has a number of really nice features:

- Find out where your nearest butchers is
- Check the weather to plan your BBQ
- Get some really tasty BBQ recipes

Need I say any more? Download it - it's free.
TomTom Western Europe appTomTom Western Europe
If you travel into Western Europe then this app could be really useful for you. No more arguments over the map, the TomTom Western Europe app will guide you all the way you need to go. It includes all of the usual TomTom satnav software features like; 3D road map, spoken street names and speed camera database.

Find out what coverage the app has by clicking on the icon to the left, read the description in the app store.

I know it's not cheap, but it's certainly cheaper than buying a satnav and will save you getting lost in Europe (although that could be quite fun!).
Motorway Services appMotorway Services UK
This one's a good one. It shows you all the major roads and how many motorway service stations each one has. You can also view a map with them plotted on and zoom right in to see a satellite image.

The description on the app store details what motorway services and roads are covered in the app.

It's not free, but for £0.69 I don't think you can grumble.
Campsites and Caravan Parks appCampsites and Caravan Parks
Another campsite database app, but this one is huge! It has over 6,500 sites listed in it which increases every day.

The map in the app is GPS enabled and you can search for sites from:
- 1,878 non-membership sites
- 180 Caravan Club sites
- 2,418 CL sites
- 2,035 Camping and Caravanning Club sites

The search facility allows you to search by site name, location or facilities which makes finding your perfect site a piece of cake.

Definitely one worth having for the one time £1.99 it costs. iOS only!
Caravan Leveler appCaravan Leveler
Taking your caravan's dimensions into account, the Caravan Leveler app ingeniously tells you how many centimetres each wheel needs to rise by. You can also calibrate the app to be used on a surface that is not flat like a chair or the a frame.

Unfortunately for iPhone users this app is only available on Android. I'll keep my eyes open for an iOS one and I'll let you know if one turns up.

Not bad for a free app!
CaravAndroid appCaravAndroid
This is a seriously good idea! The CaravAndroid app is a checklist for everything you need to remember for your trip. But that's not the best bit - it also stores all of your caravan insurance policy details and contact telephone numbers. This is invaluable if you are travelling into Europe. Most people forget to take their insurance details away them in case the worst should happen.

As the name suggests, this is yet another Android only app.

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Caravan Buddy appCaravan Buddy
The Caravan Buddy app is another really useful one. You can use it to find Camping & Caravanning Club and Caravan Club sites and navigate to them. It also has a built in functionality that book sites from within the app.

This app is exclusively for Android devices, sorry iOS users.

And that’s it – I hope you’ve managed to find a few useful apps to download!

[alert-note] What apps do you use on your caravan holidays? Let me know in the comments [/alert-note]

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