30 Days of Caravans Challenge: How can I help you?

I w30 Days of Caravans Challengeant to dedicate some serious time to this blog and in doing so, create some really useful content for you, my readers, to consume.  So I’ve decided to set myself a little challenge (more like a marathon actually). I am going to post a brand new blog post / podcast episode / YouTube video every single day throughout the month of June 2014. That means I will have 30 brand new pieces of content for you to read, watch or listen to.

I’m calling it “30 Days of Caravans” – really original I know, but that is exactly what it’s going to be.

Just writing this, I’m already feeling like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew! But hey, what have I got to lose, right?

As you can imagine, coming up with ideas for 30 different pieces of content is quite daunting. So here I am, asking for your help.

I want to know how I can help YOU!

Brain Stimulation

I have prepared a list of questions to help stimulate your ideas – leave your ideas and questions in the comments section below or email them to me using the contact form. You can also tweet your ideas to me @How2Caravan with the hashtag #30DaysofCaravans so I can find them easily.

  • What are struggling with most at the moment regarding caravanning?
  • If you could interview one person from the caravan industry who would it be?
  • What would you ask them?
  • Do you own a caravanning tool or product that you don’t know how to use or get the most out of?
  • Have got an interesting / exciting story related to caravanning?
  • Do posses a skill or expertise that could help caravanners out?
  • Are you in the caravan industry and have some value to share (always looking for podcast guests 😉 )?
  • Are you an experienced caravanner who wants to share their knowledge?
  • Do you have a challenge of your own for me?
  • Want my opinion on two competing products?

I hope that’s got your creative juices flowing. I’ve come up with a few ideas of my own just writing it!

What to Expect

Without giving too much away, here’s what you can expect so far:

  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Some myths debunked
  • A list or two of the very best…
  • Some rather exciting predictions
  • Some useful how to’s (videos and posts)
  • Maybe a case study (ideas required)
  • Product comparisons
  • Much more…

I’ll make a list with the links to the posts I publish as a result of this challenge below:

1st June: 12 Handy Apps Every Caravanner Should Use
nd June: The Biggest & Best Caravan & Motorhome Shows to Visit in 2014
rd June: Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Caravanning Dad
th June: 13 Celebrities That Love Caravanning as Much as You
th June: Think You’re Cut Out For Caravanning? Take This Quiz
th June: [VIDEO] How to Locate Your Caravan’s VIN Number
th June: Top Gear VS Caravans: All The Things They’ve Done to Caravans
8th June: I went to the beach instead- no post published
9th June: The Ten Commandments For Caravanners
0th June: How to Save Money on Your Caravan Insurance

I would really appreciate any help you can give me with this.

Let the comments begin!

[alert-note] Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions for posts please comment below  [/alert-note]

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