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6 Gadgets To Make Your Caravanning Holidays More Relaxing

Whether we like it or not, we cannot get away from the fact that we are in the “gadget era”. We also cannot deny that there are some extremely useful inventions out there that have revolutionised the way we do things and given the old fashioned way of doing it the boot. After all, caravanning is about getting away from the everyday madness of life and just chilling out and relaxing. Technology can help us with this by removing or reducing some if the work and stress from our caravanning holidays. I have compiled a list of what I would consider my top gadgets for making your caravan holiday more enjoyable by taking away some of the hassle.

(List in no particular order)

Caravan Solar Panel100W Solar Panel

There is nothing worse than going away for a week or more and 12V leisure decides that it's had enough and runs out of charge. If you are on mains all the time and your caravan has a battery charger then it shouldn't be a problem for you unless you run lots on your 12V system.

This 100W solar panel should do the job at keeping your battery in tip top charge for the best part of a long trip. You can leave it free standing outside your caravan or you pay a caravan workshop to fit it for you.
Approximately £150.00

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Caravan Portable Washing MachinePortable Washing Machine

Now, I know I said about getting away from the everyday madness, but doing a spot of washing while you're away could make things easier. Think about it, you would be able to pack far less clothes and just wash and re-wear things.

This is a really easy to use washing machine and once you have out the clothes in you can just leave it until it has finished its wash cycle. It is relatively compact and weighs only 5kg. If you need something a little bigger for a family you can buy twin tub portable washing machines too.
Approximately £50.00

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Caravan MoverRemote Caravan Mover

The amount of people I have met that have hurt their backs while trying to manoeuvre a caravan is crazy. It is not just injuries either, people have accidents all the time when they are pushing their caravan around because you have a complete lack of control.

A remote caravan mover will take away all, if not all of the dangers of moving your caravan around. They use a wireless remote that operate rollers on the wheels that slowly move the caravan forward, backward and in a circle clockwise and anti-clockwise. When the mover is engaged but not moving the caravan it is stable and will not roll away. It is very simple to engage with the simple turn of a nut.

You can get a caravan mover fitted by a dealership or if you have the technical know-how you could always save a few quid and get a DIY fit kit.
Approximately £700.00

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Caravan Satnav GPSCaravan Satnav GPS

You either love them or you hate them. I personally love satnav's and do not travel anywhere without mine. I have heard all sorts of stories of people being taken to the wrong place etc. but most of the time it is down to user error, ie. programming the wrong address, not following the directions correctly or simply buy not keeping the maps up to date with new roads and systems.

The model pictured left is the TomTom GO Live an it has been created specifically for caravan and motorhome owners. It has over 25,000 camp sites programmed in to the device and you are also able to program in the dimensions and weight of your car and caravan / motorhome so as to avoid the deivce taking you under low bridges or narrow lanes.

This is a very clever piece of kit that if you take the time to learn how to use will pay you back no end.
Approximately £320.00

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12V Tyre Inflator12V tyre Inflator

I am sure we all know or have heard about someone who has had an accident with their caravan where they tyres blew or burst. This is one of the most common causes for accidents involving caravans on our roads today.

One of the reasons that this happens so often is that caravanners are not correctly equipped with the right knowledge or equipment to carry out the required checks. You should check you tyre pressures on both car and caravan before every journey. If your pressures are a little low you will need something to pump them up with, and that is where this 12V tyre inflator comes in handy. It will run off your vehicle's 12V cigarette lighter socket.
Appoximately £30.00

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Handheld Vacuum CleanerCompact Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

get rid of your brush and dustpan and make a quick and easy job of keeping your caravan clean with a compact handheld vacuum cleaner. A hoover like this will fit nicely in to most under bed storage boxes or in the base of wardrobes. It powers from the 240V system.

You can kill two birds with one stone too (if you feel like it) as it is not only designed for use in caravans but also in cars. The brush nozzle is great for cleaning dirt and dust from upholstery and car seats.
Approximately £60.00

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I hope that you have found this list useful and maybe you have already gone ahead and made a purchase! Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you. Especially if you have any of your own caravan gadgets that have made your trips more comfortable and relaxing.

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