How 2 Caravan Podcast Episode 3

[PODCAST] H2C 003: 7 Ways to tell if a caravan is damp

How 2 Caravan Podcast Episode 3Episode 3 of the How 2 Caravan Podcast is now live on iTunes for you to listen to. You can also listen using the media player just above this text.

Episode Summary

In this episode I talk about how to tell if a caravan is damp. With damp being one the most common and expensive issues you might find in a used caravan I felt it was a good topic to cover in a podcast episode.

Notes for Reference

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Links mentioned in the show:

Damp meter link
Damp test link

Summarised episode transcript

Welcome to episode 3 of the How 2 Caravan Podcast

I hope you’re all doing well and looking forward to the Spring season ahead!
Just a few things before we get in to the main content
First of all I would like to say that as a new podcast trying to get the word out to potential listeners is a hard job. I am really enjoying recording these episodes and want to continue making them.
It makes it all the more worth while when I hear from people who are finding it useful and enjoying the show. So, a massive thank you to the listener who left me my very first review for the show on iTunes, I’ll read it out for you here;
“As a recent newby to caravan ownership these podcasts are going to be a real benefit. The first 2 have already been a great help”
That review was by Pasman1996 who rated the show with an amazing 5 star rating, so again, thank you very much for that.
If any of you other listeners out there are enjoying the show I’d really appreciate a review on iTunes, you might just get a shout out on the show too!
Ok, let’s get on with it shall we?
In today’s show we are going to be talking about damp in caravans, specifically how to tell if a caravan is damp.
As many of you will know, damp in caravans is one of the main things we DO NOT want find. It can be very costly to fix, and more often than not, if it is not repaired by a professional then the problem will soon be back.
So I have a list of 7 things ways to tell if a caravan is damp:
1: Smell
2: wall board for stains
3: different color wallboard (indicates repair has been done) – a repair is not too much of an issue if is backed up with paperwork showing reputable company who fixed it
4: under window rubbers for moisture and rotten wood
5: check for soft wall board
6: Check service records
7: Perform a damp test (visit to see how a damp test is done) – left this till last because not everyone has access to a damp meter
That’s it for our list, but before I do a recap I just want to answer a question that might be going through of your minds:
“What about if I find some damp inside a caravan?”
I guess it really depends on if you own it or if it is one you are looking to buy:
If you own it, get it to your local caravan service centre and get them to look in it
If you are looking to buy it be very cautious, personally I’d steer clear of it, but if not it would really need to reflect in the price. I would have an expert take a look at it and estimate costs before you part with any money.
If you have time, I’d really appreciate an honest review over at iTunes – and just like pasman1996, you might get a shout out in the next show.
Thank you very much for listening and I’ll see you in the next episode….

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