Caravan Gang

The Caravan Gang 

I stumbled upon this fantastic book for all the caravan children and grandchildren and all you Big caravan children out there.  Great Fun For All Ages,

By Anthony Lugo

Credit To The Author Who Guest Wrote This Blog Post.

To be read on holiday by all ages.

What’s all this nonsense about!??

A long time ago, far far away (In Bristol); I thought about writing a book. Something inside me decided that’s what I would like to do! To be a writer!

My initial thoughts were to come up with a unique idea that no one else had thought of. So I settled into deep thought and contemplation and….. Nothing.

At the time my wife and I had a caravan placed on a very pretty site in a south Devon holiday park.
Whilst washing our van I noticed that many of the other caravans on the site had unusual names and shapes.

After daydreaming while washing the van, my imagination took hold and: ‘The Caravan Gang’ was born.
I am a now officially a North Devon writer having made the move from Bristol to Combe Martin running a small holiday site where the caravan gang now live.

Published by Mardi books. >>Buy Here<<


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