Caravan Insurance - what you need to know

Caravan insurance: What you need to know – Buying Your First Caravan 05

Caravan Insurance - what you need to know

You made it half way, nice! Welcome to post number 5 of 10 of the” Buying Your First Caravan” blog post series. In this post we will be covering the topic of caravan insurance. You will have to forgive me if some things seem a bit vague but as you will come to realise when dealing with caravan insurance companies, most operate differently and offer different levels of cover.
So if you’re ready we’ll get right into it!

Disclaimer: The information in this article intended purely as a guide. It is your responsibility to do your own research and asking your own questions to potential caravan insurers.

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Caravan insurance – an overview

At the time of writing this article, caravan insurance is not a legal requirement. That being said; around 2,000 touring caravans are stolen every year in the UK! That is a rather frightening figure that with more caravans on the road every year is sure to rise. Having your caravan insured will not only protect you against theft, but will also offer protection for damages to your and a third parties caravan (policies do vary so please check to be sure what is covered with individual insurers).

My car insurance will cover it…  won’t it?

Sorry, this is rarely the case. Most car insurance policies do not offer this as standard and will often charge you extra for a very basic level of cover whilst towing your caravan. In fact, some tow car insurance policies may even become invalid if you are towing a caravan and you haven’t notified them. So what should you do? Contact your tow car insurance company and tell them that you are thinking of buying a caravan and wondered what their policy is regarding towing. Make sure you also find out if the insurer restricts you from towing a caravan over a certain weight and length.

What does caravan insurance cost?

In my experience and through feedback from other caravanners, caravan insurance can cost from anything as little as £100 up to as much as £600+. Unfortunately I cannot tell you the formula of how your caravan insurance premium will be calculated, but what I can tell you is a list of things that could potentially help to reduce your premium:

Fitted caravan security features – some insurance companies will offer discounts if you have any of the following FITTED caravan security accessories:

  • Tracking system
  • Alarm
  • Electronic trailer stability system
  • Locking corner steadies

Caravan security accessories – some insurers will offer discounts if you have some of the following caravan security accessories:

Club memberships – some insurers will offer discounts to members of certain organisations:

Storage location matters

The place you decide to store your caravan can have a big impact on your caravan insurance premium. Figures show that the largest discounts are offered to people who store their caravans at CaSSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association) registered storage sites. Caravan owners can save up to 25% by using a CaSSOA site! CaSSOA registered storage sites are graded; Bronze, Silver and Gold depending upon just how secure they are and what security features their site has. The higher their security rating, the cheaper your insurance!

Some interesting statistics that a recent government study revealed; nearly 50% of caravan thefts are carried out on caravans stored in private driveways, around 45% of caravans are stolen from service stations and holiday sites while only 5% are stolen from caravan storage sites. Need I say anymore?

Are you venturing overseas?

If you plan on visiting countries outside of the UK it would be wise to make sure that your caravan insurance company actually covers this. Some will only cover you for a number of days whilst others for weeks. I would also recommend asking if the policy includes road side assistance when travelling abroad as it can be quite the challenge swapping your spare wheel on the side of the Autobahn!

Do you have any examples of caravan insurance companies?

Here is a short list of a few caravan insurance companies that you could try. Certainly not a complete list as there are plenty more out there, a quick Google search for “caravan insurance” should do the trick!

Quote Zone (compare multiple caravan insurance companies online)
Caravan Guard
Simple Caravan Insurance
Caravan Quoter
The AA


Thank you so much for reading! I truly hope that this article has given you some information that you can take away and benefit from.

In summary, here is a list of questions you should ask a potential caravan insurer:

  1. Do you offer discounts for fitted security accessories? If so which ones?
  2. Do you offer discounts for security accessories? If so which ones?
  3. Do you offer discounts for Caravan Club / Caravan & Camping Club or other club members?
  4. Which storage location gives me the best price; storage site / driveway / CaSSOA storage site?
  5. Am I insured to travel abroad? If so for what period of time?
  6. Does your policy include European roadside assistance?
  7. Is there anything else I should know about your policy?

Be sure to check back from tomorrow’s post, number 6 in the series of “Buying Your First Caravan” where I will be talking about what equipment you will need to get started with your first caravan.

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