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Caravanning clubs and organisations – Buying Your First Caravan 07

Caravanning clubs and organisationsIt’s post number 7 in the 10 part “Buying Your First Caravan” series and today I’m going to be talking about the various different clubs and organisations for caravanners.

And here we have it…

Who are the clubs and organisations?

Within the caravan industry there are a substantial number of caravanning clubs and organisations that have been setup and are run by caravanners themselves who are not looking to profit from it but to help and meet people who share the same interests. These clubs vary in size from a few members to nearly 1 million members! The caravanning clubs are generally; large authority organisations, local centres (members of bigger clubs have local centres) and brand related owners clubs. Here are some of the main caravanning clubs:

* The Caravan Club – The longest standing, largest with nearly 1 million members and most respected club in the industry
* The Camping & Caravanning Club – The oldest club for all forms of camping and has over 500,000 members
* The NCC (National Caravan Council) – The NCC was setup in 1939 as the UK trade body representing the collective interests of the tourer, motorhome, holiday home and park home sectors
* The Compass Club – Compass caravan owners club
* Burstner Club – Burstner caravan owners club
* The Bailey Owners’ Caravan Club – Bailey caravan owners club
* Lunar Owners Club – Lunar caravan owners club
* Buccaneer Owners Club – Buccaneer caravan owners club
* The Swift Owners’ Club – Swift caravan owners club
* The AAOCC (All Avondale Owners’ Caravan Club) – Avondale caravan owners club
* The Elddis Owners Club – Elddis caravan owners club
* Bessacarr Owners Club – Bessacarr caravan owners club
* The ABI & Friends Caravan Club – ABI caravan owners club
* Abbey Caravan Owners Club – Abbey caravan owners club
* Sterling Caravan Owners Club – Sterling caravan owners club

There are many other clubs and organisations for caravanners but I don’t want to bombard you with any more.

What do the clubs and organisations do?

What the clubs do will really depend what type of club they are. Being a member of the larger authority clubs like The Caravan Club or The Caravanning & Camping Club gets you access the following things:

* Expert advice
* Meet new people with common interests
* Discounts from supporting dealers
* Discounts from supporting insurance companies
* Certain sites for members only
* Preferential pricing at registered sites
* Monthly magazine containing industry news, reviews, etc
* Join local centres
* Rallies for members only

While the big clubs give you all the benefits above, the smaller owner’s clubs are more socially driven and allow you to meet people with the same make of caravan as you and attend their rallies.

The final one to mention is the NCC as they are slightly different to all of the others on the list. As I summarized above, The NCC is a trade body representing the combined interests of the tourer, motorhome, holiday and park home sectors. It was set up nearly 70 years ago in 1939 but has really come into its own in the last couple of decades. Most of the larger manufacturers of leisure vehicles sit on the council and decide what rules and regulations will be implemented to make caravanning safer and more enjoyable. The NCC is also ensure that the industry delivers high quality products and treats its customers fairly. The NCC now run the two big caravan and motorhome shows that take place in February and October each year. By attending these shows you are able to catch a glimpse of next year’s designs and innovations and place your order for collection the following year. Consumers cannot join The NCC, but simply knowing of their existence is certainly worthwhile.

Should you join any of them?

Most people you meet who own a caravan probably belong to a caravanning club or organisation of some description, this is down to the benefits that come to being a member as we have discussed above. More often than not, most club memberships will save you their joining and membership fees each year in the form of other purchases.

If you are reading this then I am going to assume you are new to caravanning which is why I would recommend you start by at least joining The Caravan Club. In your early stages of owning a caravan you will certainly be grateful of all the advice and resources that are available to you as a member. You will also receive a monthly magazine and a book of Caravan Club Sites which is extremely handy.

To find out more about joining The Caravan Club click here.


So just to recap on what we have covered in today’s post; we spoke about all of the different types of caravanning clubs and organisations, what benefits you can get from being a member of a club or organisations and finally whether you should join any of them or not.

I hope this information will help you in your mission to start or continue to happily travel in your caravan!

Tomorrow’s post is number 8 in the 10 part series of “Buying Your First Caravan” where I will be talking about where to purchase a caravan from and the differences between buying from a dealer or buying privately.

Until then, have a pleasant day!

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