Father's Day gift ideas for your caravan mad Dad

Father’s Day gift ideas for your caravanning Dad

In case you’d forgotten, Father’s Day 2014 is fast approaching – Sunday 15t June. I don’t know about you, but my Dad is a NIGHTMARE to buy gifts for. He’d probably actually rather a pair of sock than any other present! I’m always looking for new ideas and inspiration of things to buy him. So I figured my readers would be having the same problem with their Dads, that’s YOU!

Unfortunately my Dad is not a caravanner, but if he was, these are some of the gift ideas I would consider:

Huntsman Swiss Army Knife
Besides a dog, a Swiss army knife is a man's best friend. The Huntsman is the ideal gift for an out of doors man - the perfect caravanning / camping companion.

Just look at all the super handy tools that come with:
Corkscrew (all important)
Can opener
Wood saw
.. to list but a few.

In total, the Huntsman has an impressive combination of 32 different features.

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Maglite Torch
Every man needs a torch, and not just any torch. In my opinion, the Maglite is among the best torches made. The police force use them too, not only because of their high power beam, but because of their extreme reliability and durability.

It is perfect for his caravanning breaks as it can be a bit of a task to find the toilet blocks in the pitch black.

Trust me, this is a gift he will cherish.

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Dad's Caravan Mug
Every man needs his own mug, and most probably do. But what about when they are away in the caravan?

It comes presented in it's very own decorated gift box.

This mug will make the perfect gift for your Dad this Father's Day.

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"Eat Sleep Caravan T-shirt"
Get your Dad's wardrobe looking trendier with this Eat Sleep Caravan T-shirt. It's definitely not the height of fashion, but Dad's aren't, are they?

Available in sizes small - X-large in 5 different colours.

Also see another comical caravan t-shirt

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"Home is where you park it" Hoody
Another comical caravan themed garment. This is a typical 'Dad type' hoody to wear.

Available in sizes small to XX-large in 8 different colours.

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Personalised Compass
Nothing says "I love you Dad" like a personalised compass. You can have your own message engraved in a choice of 22 different fonts.

Lots of caravanners are keen walkers, armed with his trustee compass gifted to him by his beloved offspring he won't get lost!

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Free gift bag
Cool box
What else is going to keep his beers cool in the awning? The fridge is already full of food!

Ideal for leaving the caravan behind for a picnic on the beach. This cool box will hold a 2L bottle standing upright (and at least a six-pack ;))

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Auto Glym Caravan Cleaner
Is your Dad's caravan his pride and joy? Help him to make it sparkle with Auto Glym Caravan Cleaner. This is a cleaning solution made specifically for cleaning caravans. It helps to remove those dreaded black streaks and give the paint work a gleaming shine.

It's not an exciting gift, but the practical ones are always the best!

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Funny Caravan Sign
Everyone loves a jokey present - Dad's are no exception. Instead of buying him Homer Simpson socks you could buy him this lovely little wooden plaque to hang on the wall of his caravan.

Cheap and cheerful and it will make him smile - what more can you ask for?

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I hope you found something nice to buy your Dad this Father’s day. After all, we only get one Dad so we’ve got to look after him.

Do you have any really nice Father’s Day gift ideas for caravan mad Dads? Let me know in the comments section below.

… and I’m signing off till next time.

Speak soon.


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