Caravan VIN Number

How to decipher a caravan VIN number

Caravan VIN NumberIf you are looking to buy a caravan then this is something you should definitely take note of. In this post I am going to show you just how to decipher a caravan VIN number. The reason for this is that there is a few things we can learn from the VIN number of a caravan, this information could save you a lot of money!

So without further ado, let’s get on with it.

I think a quick definition is in order here:

A caravan VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number, also referred to as; serial number, CRiS number and chassis number is a 17 digit code that is and has been given to each and every caravan made in the UK (and some of Europe) since 1992. The VIN number is unique to each caravan and is used by CRiS to keep a track of who owns what caravan. The number given to the caravan is etched on the corner of each window (as photographed).  As I said above, the caravan VIN number can give us some key information that you will find useful when purchasing a caravan. Click to get help finding your VIN.

[alert-note] TIP: You can use Caravan VIN Decoder tool to decode your VIN automatically [/alert-note]

Using the VIN number for the image above I will now demonstrate how to decode the caravan VIN number.

SGDTT6ESWD0335379 – first two characters = Country of manufacture (SG in this case represents UK)
SGDTT6ESWD0335379 – 3rd character = Can vary but in most cases is the make (B for Bailey, A for Avondale etc)
SGDTT6ESWD0335379 – 4th character = Whether the caravan is sible or twin axel (T for twin & S for single)
SGDTT6ESWD0335379 – 5th, 6th & 7th characters = Optional manufacturer information (this is sometimes used by manufacturers to represent different model ranges)
SGDTT6ESWD0335379 – 8th & 9th characters = The manufacturer of the caravan (In this case Swift – see below for manufacturer codes)
SGDTT6ESWD0335379 – 10th character = Model year (In this case 2013 – see below for year codes)
SGDTT6ESWD0335379 – 11th, 12th & 13th characters = Optional manufacturer information
SGDTT6ESWD0335379 – 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th characters = Caravan’s unique serial number

Manufacturer codes:

AD = Adria
AV = Avondale
BE = Bessacarr (later Bessacarr were built by Swift so will carry the SW code)
BU = Buccaneer (later Buccaneer were build Explorer Group so will carry code EX)
BY = Bailey
CL = Carlight
CM = Coachman
CP = Compass (may carry EX code in some circumstances as were built by Explorer Group)
CS = Cosalt (later Abbey’s were built by Swift and so will carry SW code)
CU = Sprite (later Sprite’s were built by Swift and so will carry SW code)
EL = Elddis (may carry the EX code for earlier model before Explorer Group re-branded to Elidds)
EX = Explorer Group (now known as Elddis)
FL = Fleetwood
LU = Lunar
SW = Swift Group

Build year codes:

N = 1992
P = 1993
R = 1994
S = 1995
T = 1996
V = 1997
W = 1998
X = 1999
Y = 2000
1 = 2001
2 = 2002
3 = 2003
4 = 2004
5 = 2005
6 = 2006
7 = 2007
8 = 2008
9 = 2009
A = 2010
B = 2011
C = 2012
D = 2013
E = 2014

One thing to note about the build year codes; the caravanning build season runs from 1st September one year to 31st August the following year. That means that a caravan built between September 1st 2009 and 31st August 2010 would carry the build year code “A” for 2010. It does not mean the year in which it was built.

I hope will help and has not confused you too much but if you do have any questions I would be happy to answer in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.

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202 thoughts on “How to decipher a caravan VIN number”

  1. Wij kochten een caravan Dethleffs met vinnr.: WDT1EN3AC80004977
    Volgens de invoerder Benelux betreft het een modeljaar 2008 .
    Volgens een geconsulteerde verdeler klopt dit en is ze gebouwd op 4 september 2007.
    Volgens de verkoper is ze gebouwd in 2008.
    Wat is de waarheid? De fabriek in Duitsland regaeert niet op onze vragen.


    We bought a caravan with Dethleffs vinnr.: WDT1EN3AC80004977 According to the Benelux importer, it is a 2008 model year. According to a distributor consulted correct this and she is built on 4 September 2007. According to the seller, she built in 2008. What is the truth? The factory in Germany respond not to our questions.

    1. Hello Ruffin,

      If I have translated your comment correctly…

      Your caravan was built during the 2008 season and so is a 2008 model – the 10th character of the VIN dictates so. This means it could have been built between September 2007 and August 2008.

      I hope this helps.


      1. hi having read what you have said regarding trying to find vin or serial number i am still in a bit of a quandry because i asked my husband to check where you said and he came back with a 10 digit code 90SW032314 ,as we were trying to find out the year of our caravan as we have no papers or manuals to go on ,does this mean going on numbers that it is a 1990 swift please help many thanks in advance stephanie

  2. hi this is great advice but can you just check ive understood it..ive had my hymer eriba troll for abt 6 years and cant remember how old she is the vin is VGNTROLAT00275025 so this this mean shes a 96 sorry to mither..cheers

    1. Hi Diane,

      I am not sure that it works the same for non UK manufactured caravans. I would suggest getting in touch with Hymer themselves or one of their UK dealer representatives to confirm. I think Lowdhams are main dealers.

      Sorry I can’t help any further.


  3. Hi Josh
    I found this information very helpful as I am considering buying an used imported UK caravan in Australia and I have heard of some ‘shady’ characters selling these vans here and not giving the correct build year.

    1. Hi Alan,

      I am glad you found it useful.

      I agree, there are too many dishonest sellers out there, we’ve got to be careful.

      Good luck with your purchase!


  4. Josh,

    Can you advise please – does the Vin number system of identification apply to static caravans as well as tourers?

    1. Hi David,

      Although I cannot be 100% sure, I don’t think static caravans use the same VIN system. I will try and find out some information on it though.


  5. Hi wonder if you can help bought a secondhand caravan underthe impression that it was a 2001 model used your decoder and it tells me its a 94 could you please check it for me the number is :sgaasoooavroo1062 cheers thank you very much x


    1. Hi David,

      There was a different VIN number structure used before 1992 which did not contain 17 digits. If there are definitely no more digits that the number you have quoted then the caravan is most certainly a 1992 or older.

      If you could send me a picture of the caravan’s exterior and a close up of the VIN plate I will be able to give you a better idea of the age, my email is

      From the VIN number you mentioned, it could be either a 1992 or a 1986 (M3AB292686) but more likely a 1986. It is difficult to tell as pre-92 there was no industry standard way of structuring the VIN.


      1. M3AB292686 belongs to an ABI Jubilee Rallyman manufactured in 1991 – this comes from my extensive data base of touring caravan serial numbers used for the purpose of validating insurance claims for The Caravan Club. Hope this helps. Regards

        1. Wow Peter, thanks for all your help in the comments here. You have access to a VERY handy database!

          I built to help people decode their VINs but it only does so much. How would someone like me go about getting hold of that data in order to make my tool more effective for people?


      2. hi, i have just bought an ABI JUBILEE GLOBETROTTER VIN- M3AB223165 , im just wondering what year this was as ive found 1994 on the towing hitch but not sure this is the year of manifacture.

  7. hi i am trying to age my van have you any idea from this please whb27e47mof213510 any information gratefully received thank you

    1. Hi Dawn,

      The VIN numbers for caravans built outside of the UK do not follow the same structure, I am looking in to finding out more about them. But until that time, you may wish to contact Hobby direct for more information.

      Sorry I couldn’t help you further.


    2. Peter Staines

      Dawn, The VIN number you have quoted relates to a 2002 Hobby Prestige 620UK twin axle caravan. Hope this helps. Regards

      1. hi, would you be able to help with mine also? the number is:
        WHB19D25M0E229640 (Maybe MOF in the middle)

        i appreciate any help.
        thank you, Norman

  8. Hi. I have a 40 foot Viscount Supreme caravan which we bought 2 weeks ago on site from a caravan park owner. My husband and myself are now living in it permanently. It is pretty old and the chassis is fairly rusty. It looks as though it has never been registered and there are no holes for the registration plates. We cannot find any chassis number or vin number therefore we are unable to ascertain what year it is. Due to this we cannot get insurance on the van (without year and chassis number or vin number). How can we determine year and vin or chassis number it is to obtain insurance? Please help, we will be without a home if anything happens to this van.

    1. Hi Sharon,

      I am afraid I cannot shed any light on this. I am not familiar with Australian caravan brands so I wouldn’t know where to look for the VIN plate. Have you tried contacting any caravan dealerships for assistance?


      1. Thanks for your help. I can’t find a viscount caravan manufacturer here but I will have to try other avenues. Hopefully – insurance company somewhere will come to the party. Sharon

  9. Hi Josh

    If you can help, much appreciated – I am selling this van.

    Caravan VIN no: GT9T21V972201x001

    Not sure of character no:6- – if 1 or i (it is engraved not stamped)

    Only info I have is it was built for a catholic priest and has the name ‘Christstar’ front and rear!

    Many thanks for any info.

    1. Hi Stu,

      Unfortunately I don’t think I am going to be able to be much help at the moment. By the looks of that VIN number it is European tourer and their VIN numbering system does not work the same. I am trying to find out how to decode European numbers as many people here on the blog are looking for this so check back soon.


    1. Hi Joseph,

      The standard VIN number has no set way of recording the number of berths. However, the “optional manufacturer information” may include this information, but of this I cannot be sure. It may also change from year. If you are wanting to know what berth a caravan is I would do a Google search for the make and model number and find ones that are advertised for sale. Chances are they will state the berth.


  10. Hi josh, u juat bought a caravan abi award nightstar and I’ve no paperwork the silver plate on the side give the following numbers
    AB mk1 287426
    What does this mean please?

    1. Hi Nathan.

      Because caravans manufactured before 92 had no real industry standard ViN number structure it is difficult to tell, everyone did it differently.

      If I were to hazzard a guess I would say your caravan is a 1987, but I cannot be sure of this.
      Enjoy your new caravan!


    2. Peter Staines

      Nathan, the number you have quoted relates to an ABI Award Nightstar manufactured in 1988. Regards

      1. I feel a bit cheeky asking Peter, but you seem to be the oracle with regards to ageing a caravan. I stumbled across this site and found that you have helped a lot of people regarding the age of their caravans.
        We have just got one , an ABI Jubilee Rallyman M2AB292090.
        Are you able to oblige please Peter.
        Many thanks.

  11. Hi i have an old van and the only markings on it is raised on the chassis
    Would you have any idea what this van is?
    Thanki kindly

  12. Hi josh could you please tell me if you know the year of my van please it is a luna delta i was told it was a 90s van the number is 066510-90 thanks julie.

      1. Peter Staines

        Josh, Lunar employed a dual VIN number system between 1987 and 1991, the number quoted indicates it was the 653rd van produced in the 1990 model range and was manufactured in October. It should also have a 10 character NCC type serial number die stamped into the near side A frame chassis member which, on this occasion, should read 90LU027036. However, this number is more often than not obscured by the A frame cover and is therefore not visible unless the A frame cover is removed!

  13. Hi we have a Abbey caravan but carnt find the vin we’ve checked all the windows but had no luck would you be able to help us

    1. Hi Gill,

      If you cannot find the VIN number on the windows, you could also check on the CRiS certificate if you have one, or on any service records from previous years.

      The VIN number is normally also on a plaque which you will find on the underside of the caravan attached to the chassis member, or next to the entrance door near the ground.

      If you still cannot find it, please email me some pictures of the caravan to and I will try and help you figure out it’s age.


  14. hi there josh,could you please tell me if you can the year of my bessacarr camp caravan please these are the numbers that are shows vin the window 5git550/ber0017369.many thanks

  15. Hi Josh, we need to find a vin no on our 1986 Abbey GT212 in order to sell it. Please may I email you the fairly indistinct photos of the engravings we found on the chassis to see if we have found the right componants…? The little plate by the door gives the 5 digit serial number, and date of manufacture; but there don’t appear to be enough numbers. Confused much! Thanks, Kate

    1. Peter Staines

      Aaron, that number belongs to a 1985 Freedom caravan, but I cannot verify which model I’m afraid.

  16. Hi Josh
    I own a Abi Award Nightstar. Trying to establish its age please. On each window is etched TBA2CF3E?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Nik.

      It is sometimes quite difficult to determine the year of a caravan with the old style VIN. At a guess I would say your caravan is an 1988.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Hi Josh,
        I have bought a Horsebox for transform it in a food business but I can’t found vin number anywhere, is a Rice farmers hunt I believe can you help please?

        Kind regards


      1. lisa craddock

        Hi Peter, could you help me date my caravan please? The VIN which was found on a silver plate on the side of the caravan is – ABMK1 219455 – can you shed some light on this please, as I need it for insurance purposes.
        Thank you 🙂

  17. Nedelcho Nedelchev

    Hello mate. I bought a caravan but my number of windows is much different than those described. can you tell me your email to send you a pic to see it. My caravan is lunar clubman I think 1999. Sorry for my English. I hope you understand me. Thank you very much. Ned

  18. Wim de Koning

    I have bought a Hobby caravan with the Bin nummer
    I know it is not. made in the UK but i am Hopkins you have discovered the mening of thuis nummer in the mean time
    Thans you for your answer

    1. Hi there,

      I really am guessing here as I am not familiar with German VIN number structures, but based on the UK VIN number structure it is a 2000.


  19. Hi,
    We have just bought our first caravan, a swift Challenger 570.
    We were contacted today by the dealer, as there seems to be a problem with the CRIS number.
    The Cris number is different on one of the windows to the other windows, and these all differ slightly to the number on the plate by the door.

    We are really concerned we have bought a stolen van. The dealer is looking in to it, but is trying to reassure us it’s an administrative error.

    Can you shed any light please on our concerns? Should all the numbers be the same? Common sense tells me they should.

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Yes, all the numbers should be the same on all of the windows and the plate by the door. Do you have a CRiS certificate or any other documentation that might be able to confirm the correct VIN?

      It could simply be the case that some of the windows have been replaced with those from other caravans. The best thing to do is take the VIN number from the plate near the door (the one most likely to be the actual one) and get an HPI check done. You can do this by calling 01722 411 430 and paying them £14.95, they will check the history of the caravan for you.

      I hope this helps.


  20. Hellow Josh, recently I bought a Marauder caravan. and I would like to know a few things about weights , year etc. which are on the plate beside the door. I think it was manufactured about 1990? There is an ABI sticker on the front.
    Marauder 3.80/2
    M1AB 136905
    o 800 kg 1 75 kg
    2 600kg
    Thank you, Gabriel.

    1. Hi Gabriel,

      Firstly I think you’re right, the VIN number suggests that the caravan was built in 1990.

      I think you’ll find the numbers are as follows:
      800kg = MTPLM (fully loaded weight of the caravan)
      600kg = Kerbside weight (unladen weight of the caravan)
      75kg = Noseweight (the weight the front of the caravan will put on your towbar)

      Hope this helps.


  21. orhan konyali

    hi i bought abbey 520 freestyle sle but there is no manufacturer plate where i can get it.i live in finland and without plate i can not register to finish.

  22. hi josh
    i contact swift group far manufacturer plate but they said i need to contact dealer of caravan.i bought caravan from estonia and he also dont know nothing about it. how i can get who is dealer in england.

    1. You should be able to contact any Swift caravan dealership. If you contact Ron Martin at Stowmarket Caravans (01449 612677) he should be able to order it for you.

      Hope you get it sorted.


  23. Hi
    I have a Crown 134 vintage caravan, which I want to do up to the correct era. Do you know how to date old caravans. Been told it is either 1960s or 1970 s. Only has a 9 digit serial number & a 7 digit Chassis no.

    1. Hi Julia.

      I don’t know how to date caravans of that sort of age. Try looking for a Crown Owners Club as they are normally very good with that sort of thing.


  24. Hi please could someone help me find out how old my caravan is, all it says on there is that it’s an,
    DISCO 4.50s
    C 116181M
    900kg. 75kg

    Abi caravans limited
    Swinmoor lane
    North humberside
    HU17 OLJ

    Thank you we have just bought it

    1. Peter Staines

      According to my records 116181M does not exist! However, I believe it could be 166181 which would relate to a 1986 ABI Monza Disco 4.50S, a special edition based on the Marauder 4.50S.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Colin Winning

        Hi Peter,
        Similar to Jenny above i have recently purchased an ABI disco 4.50S ref C166203M. Can i assume this caravan is also a 1986 model ?? And is there a reason it has “4.5 GT” detailed on the side of the actual caravan itself in decals ?? Do you happen to have any more information on this special edition or where i could find anything out about it. Its a great wee caravan 🙂

    2. Colin Winning

      Hi Jenny,
      Having what looks like the same caravan as you, i dont suppose you happen to have been supplied with an original manual / booklet for this type of caravan when you purchased ? If possible, i would love a copy just for my own records. If you could give me a shout back that would be great as i believe ABI folded in 2001.
      Thank you in anticipation

  25. I’am trying to find the year of my Sprite alpine 2 it has a plate on the A frame in German and a plate by the door in English with the number SCUOO X87 327771 on it . Can you please help me find out the year of this van.

  26. 15 jurby ave
    blackley dear josh i have reacently bought a transtar 2 berth tourer but have concernes about it now the windows are all numberd the same 5675awaab50268828 but the plate number near the caravan door is different . sg7sawaabso268828 could you please advise thank you.

    1. Hi there.

      It doesn’t look like you have anything to worry about. The numbers and letters etched on the windows are often not very clear and you can easily mistake a “5” for an “S” and so on. From what you have described, your VIN number will be as follows: SG7SAWAABS0268828

  27. Hi there,
    I have a caravan model Mardon Dalesman 390/2 in 1990, but I don’t know where to find the identification number on the chassis.

    1. Hi Dana,

      There are a few different places that you could find the VIN plate on your caravan:

      On a metal plate along the chassis
      On a metal plate on the frame
      On a metal plate near the bottom corner of your entrance door
      On a plate or sticker just inside the door entrance door

      Failing those, refer to any paperwork you have with the caravan/

      Hope this helps.


  28. Hi Josh I hope you can help as I’m having problems with my insurance I have inherited an abi award transtar caravan from my dad ant the van is M2AB266161 but I can’t find anything to say what year it is hope you can help me thanks Tony

      1. Hi. I have a static abi elan . I found 2 sets of numbers on underside of the caravan. One a sticker which says : chassis no. 1456508. And also a metal plate with embossed digits Ab0263771360059. Can u give me any information . As have just bought it five months ago from a holiday park when I asked for a service history or some kind of registration document they told me I don’t getting one and the purchase agreement is the only records I need for it. I have checked all windows for vin numbers there are none to be found. Are the rules different for static caravans or shud I be worried. Your advice would be very welcomed thank you Mandy.

  29. Hi there, I have had an abbey cardinal 330 for the past 2 years until it was recently stolen on the 31stAugust this year, it was a 2004 model as far as iwas aware according to the vin no which was SGDS004SW4 etc , the 4 being the tenth digit means 2004, however, the insurance are telling me it was a 2003 model. I had it insured new for old up to ten years old, (120 months.) It was therefore over the ten years if it was 2003. Having read your statement above about :
    ( One thing to note about the build year codes; the caravanning build season runs from 1st September one year to 31st August the following year. That means that a caravan built between September 1st 2009 and 31st August 2010 would carry the build year code “A” for 2010.) It would mean that my caravan was stolen exactly on the 120th month to the dot!! very uncanny but surely in my favour. This was my second year with this insurer and they were brilliant with a ‘blowout’ claim last year. do you think they will try and tell me that the caravan will not be new for old cover? if so any idea where i stand?
    already gutted that it was taken in broad daylight so a real kick in the teeth if i find i wasnt fully insured as i thought aswell.

  30. Ashlety,

    For your information your caravan is a 2004 model but insurers will determine the age of the caravan by the date of first registration, not the model year .. Therefore if the date the caravan was stolen was more than 10 years from the date of first registration you will not qualify for new for old cover.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks Peter.
      Even though it was registered sept 2013? This would mean it wasn’t ten years old until 31st August 2014., the day it was stolen. Also, shouldn’t they have informed me when I insured it that it would have changed half way through the policy? I called one operator anon, and they said it would be honoured until the end of the policy.
      Very confused, heard nothing yet

  31. Hi josh I am looking at buying an abbey 517 gts but it has no markings vin number on the windows or I cannot find a vin number on the axle ….?. Where else might it be located on the van …. the seller guarantees it’s Legitimate and will give receipts etc but I would like to check it out with cris first before I commit to buying it Please help

  32. Melissa,
    Be Very, Very cautious here. The Abbey GTS 517 was made between 1997 & 2008 so it should have the 17 character VIN number etched onto all windows on the bottom right hand corner . The same number should also be die stamped onto the offside chassis A Frame member. It will also have a data tag buried somewhere in the front panel but this can only be read by a suitable scanner which many police forces have. If you cannot find the window or A Frame markings my advice to you would be to steer well clear – it’s probably been stolen at some time in it’s life. If you can find the VIN number, call CRiS on 0203 282 1000 and check it’s history and provenance.

    Hope this helps

  33. I’ve inherited a caravan from my dad and want to find out what year it is to help me sell it. I’ve found the code M3AB276624 on the plate by the door. Are you able to help?

  34. Looking into a Swift Conqueror 2004 but has no vin number on windows.
    It has the cars number plate on it.
    Do all caravans have criss no

    1. Sean

      All 2004 Swift Conqueror’s should have the 17 character VIN (CRiS number) etched onto the bottom right hand corner of all the windows. This number should also be stamped onto the offside chassis A frame member below the front bulkhead. If these numbers are missing avoid at all costs as it will have been stolen!

  35. Hi could you please tell me the age of my caravan? It is an ABI ACE JUBILEE COURIER , the number on the plate by the door is 88AB334213. The main door is open but everything else is locked . Previous family owner has lost keys, any ideas please.

    1. Thank you for the info Peter, keys not now a problem as they have been found. Once again many thanks.

  36. Glyn

    My records indicate that 255804 was allocated to a 1985 ABI Award Globestar, not a Globetrotter. Hope this helps.

      1. Something wrong then – the data below came from ABI and shows the serial batches and model year. Globetrotter serial started with 250 or 251.
        255000 255339 340 AWARD GLOBESTAR 1983
        255346 255662 317 AWARD GLOBESTAR 1984
        255663 255855 193 AWARD GLOBESTAR 1985
        255910 256041 132 AWARD GLOBESTAR 1986

  37. Geoff

    Your van is probably a 1988 model (or possibly 1989 – difficult to be sure by the way ABI structured their VIN numbers!).

    Hope this helps.

  38. Hi Josh
    Please can you help me work out the year of my caravan please, she is an Abi Ace Pioneer and the only number I can find is 315461A ?

  39. Hi. Can anyone help with this please? I’m.not sure on O’s or zeros though…


    The second 0 could be either I think?


  40. Vicki
    The o’s are numeric zero’s but the second o is in fact a C. The Vin number should read SGUS096CUT0962969 – this belongs to a 1996 Sterling Voyager 450C..

    Hope this helps.

  41. Chris Wilkinson

    Hi I’m currently restoring my ABI mautadet 450s the chassis is M1AB167438 I have no handbooks for the van so any info on year of manufacture would be very useful.
    Thanks Chris.

    1. Chris wilkinson

      Many thanks Peter. Do you know of any where I could obtain the hand books for my van ?
      Thanks Chris.

  42. Peter Staines


    Sorry, no idea. ABI folded in 2001 so I reckon your only chance would be from an existing owner – good luck!

  43. Hello I have recently purchased a caravan number plate XSD-616 chassis number 96576,
    Can you help deciphering its history. I am in Western Australia but don’t know where the caravan was manufactured
    Thanking you

  44. Hi I’m really hoping you can shed some light on the exact model/ year and origin of the little caravan I’ve recently bought. It’s a sprite and from its retro look I’m guessing a retro 80’smodel but would love to have more info. I’ve taken a photo of the chassis plate but. Is there Anywhere I can email it for verification? Look forward to hearing you, kindest regards, Emma

  45. Hi iv just bought a bailey scorpio caravan and was told it’s a 2003 but I’m unsure my vin is SGB5AVABYN0000022 Can you verify the year pleas thanks

  46. Rachael
    Not even close! Your van was manufactured in 1992..
    I think you need to have words with the seller.

    1. hi Peter
      i have Just bought an ABI award nightstar . and wondering what is the actual year it was manufactured.
      Vin number:m2ab287886
      there are also more numbers on the chassis:
      painted in white handwrite: ABI8136413491
      and also : 89ab287886
      I can send pictures if you need
      thank you for your help

  47. Hi, I am trying to work out the year of my caravan. Its a Swift Challenger 440/4se The number on the chassis is 94SW040146. You would automatically assume that the 94 at the start states its a 1994 but surely for this year it needs to start with a SG?

  48. Hello
    We have just bought a Bailey senator Carolina . We were told it was 2010 caravan by the dealers advert ,not 2010 model .
    We have since spoken with baileys and they have said it was built on 17/8/09 and registered on the 19/10/09 . The vin number is Sgbtk06bya0904226
    So what was the year ?
    Many thanks

  49. Hi, would it be possible for you or someone to help with the identification of our caravan. The number engraved into the plate near the door is 87AB 155822
    I think that this means it is a 1987 Abi Marauder but would like to verify.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

  50. Hi, would you be able to tell me how old my caravan is please its a abi jubilee globtrotter mk 3 the number on the plate is M3AB22317, thank you

  51. Hi
    I have seen a VIN code SG65315CSP0014965.
    The 3rd and 4th are numbers not letters. As its an Abbey GTS 416 I think the 8th & 9th letters mean Cosalt and the 10th a 93 model?
    However a little concerned about the 3rd & 4th numbers. If I was to buy this caravan I would of course have a CRIS check.

  52. hi Josh
    i have Just bought an ABI award nightstar . and wondering what is the actual year it was manufactured.
    Vin number:m2ab287886
    there are also more numbers on the chassis:
    painted in white handwrite: ABI8136413491
    and also : 89ab287886
    I can send pictures if you need
    thank you for your help

  53. Hi Josh!
    I have an old german caravan with no paperwork. I have the vin plate serial number but struggling to figure out what year it was made. Could ypu help me please? Its a Burstner city vin number:

  54. Hi, I have a Mardon Dalesman 440/5 but can’t find any info on this model. Please can you give me any info regarding the caravan and where I might find a serial number . Thanks Debbie

  55. I have caravan that was a barn find the previous owner says belong to his father who only used it twice it is immaculate condition only had to change the taps and water pipe and fit a new whaler pump, the plate on the chassie is as below only the stamped lettering is visible
    ace pioneer
    315064 A
    824 75

  56. Hi,

    I need help, I have Swift Rapide 440/4 GXL 4 BERTH caravan and I need VIN number, but I can’t find Serial number ( on caravan or in caravan), I don’t know where need search, maybe you can help?

  57. Rachel london

    Hi ,
    My mum is restoring a vintage caravan but we have no idea of make or model despite trawling through sights trying to find similar , we have searched but cannot find any numbers or plates that look like they should have the vin number on , would I possibly please be able to email you some pictures and see if you are able to shed any light

  58. Hi Josh—-Is it possible to determine the MONTH of manufacture from a VIN number SGLS000LUG1034657
    Kind regards

  59. we are trying to find the age of our ABI Arizona we have found this number on the front of our caravan AB003761665310, we would like to know the year for our insurance


  60. SW NN 12600 300 36010

    we bought a caravan, had it for four years, didn’t know nothing about CRiS , until now when somebody asked us as we about to sell it.

    don’t really understand the numbers ?

  61. Hi there i have bought what i think is a 1986 abi ace viceroy but the only i.d i can find is the plate on the a frame 40455 A
    could you help at all please

  62. hayley elgood , london . uk

    Hi josh maybe you could poss email me at your leisure .
    We just bought an elddis crusade storm 2004… all checked with cris database …all clear …. we bought or a recently divorced couple … the wife threw the keys in the drain apparently and on top has a tubular lock (not tubular the problem ) due you know how to source the key code and also is it the same key that would open external compartments

  63. Hi Josh Im currently looking to buy a LMC 2005 6 berth caravan but I can how tell if its legit, she told that it isn’t Cris Registered and no VIN number as its German made.. feeling a bit vulnerable. Any Help MASSIVELY appreciated.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Abbie,

      LMC caravans are not made in the UK and so do not follow the standard VIN number format. You will probably find a serial number beginning WH (I think). If you contact LMC directly or an LMC dealer they may be able to help you decipher it.

      Sorry I can’t be of any more assistance.


      1. Wow, thanks for your prompt response Josh much appreciated. I did ask them for any number/serial number that is on the Caravan and was told there isn’t one !! Hmmm think I may bow out of this one its making me nervous LOL but thanks for the heads up as we are looking at most german models so good to know for future reference 🙂

  64. hi Josh
    i have bought an ABI award nightstar . and wondering what is the actual year it was manufactured.
    Vin number:m2ab287886
    there are also more numbers on the chassis:
    painted in white handwrite: ABI8136413491
    and also : 89ab287886
    I can send pictures if you need
    thank you for your help

  65. HI josh
    HAving bought a compass omega caravan private with no paper work etc. Cannot find vin PLATE just a number on chassis .plus number on window .at bottom 91/CP/013463 AND THIS ONE at top SP2933 . Am I right to said year 1991.
    Thanks dave

  66. Just in the process of setting out in caravanning, your site and information have been priceless. Cannot thank you enough for the information. Will like on Facebook for sure.

  67. Just wondering if you can help l have a caravan it is a 2001bk bluebird charisma i have been talking to people and they seem to think it is older than l have been told.these are the details i have on my paper work chassis number chassis0006296 serial number 1545/009 but there is no chassis number on the caravan and the serial number on the caravan is 1543/009 we were told if it is a 2001 it should have double glazing

  68. Hello Josh
    I have a LUNAR 5 birth caravan.
    I have 2 lots of numbers I need to find out the model and year .
    Can you help.
    Numbers are 1942090 TWTHASSISTD 18420390
    I don’t know which is the window one.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Allison,

      Those number don’t tie up to reference any kind of VIN that I am aware of. If the caravan is newer than 1992 it should have a 17 digit VIN beginnning “SG”.

      If it is older it will have a shorter number on a metal plate adjacent to the entrance door.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Thank you so much for your reply.
        I will have another look at the caravan the weekend.
        Kind Regards

  69. deborah campbell

    hi we have just bought a leven 30 static,but it has had new double glazing windows fitted so how do we find out the serial number in order to insure it?

    1. Hi,

      Static caravans use a different serial numbering system that I am not familiar. Unfortunately my expertise are in touring caravans.

      You could try contacting the caravan’s manufacturer for assistance with this though.


  70. Hi I have found a serial number that reads
    Could u please give me any information for this please

  71. Hello Josh,
    I’ve had my caravan for 8 years (Atlas festival super,35×12 ,3bedrooms) l’m now looking to sell but don’t know the age of it,l found the following letters & numbers on a plate on the tow-frame ,we have looked everywhere that’s been suggested but found nothing else

  72. I bought a caravan, and i dont know what model it is og what year it’s manufactured.

    Can anyone help me?

    I found thins number on a plate:

  73. Hello,
    Is there is any chance to get a new paperwork for a caravan which is older then 1992 and has this shorter VIN number: 90AV653560.
    can anyone help with this?

  74. Hi josh I just bought a coachman amArab 500/5 I cant find any vin number on it tried windows by door the one by the door givess weights that’s all is there any place eyes I can try help

  75. HI I have an Adria 1982-1983 Caravan, I have a metal plate which is unreadable, anywhere else I can find. a Vin number?

  76. Hi, I have brought a Swift Challenger 440 but am struggling to find the serial number on it!
    Is there anyone I could send the picture of the information that is stamped on the th hitch who could help me find out the serial number and year of the caravan please?

  77. Could you help me please I need to find the vin number on my 2010 tabbert vivaldi where would this be thanks if you an help me

  78. Josh

    Do you know how to find the key numbers for a Bailey Ranger 450/2 1997.
    The caravan is in Spain and I seem to have lost the key.


  80. Hi there I’m in middle of buying a caravan and I want to no wat the year is and roughly how much it is worth if you could help me please the vin number is sgds003sw30295356

  81. Hello I have a static it’s Abi Montrose serial number is AB552720. How do I find out the year of the caravan?

  82. Heather Cosgrove

    Hi can you help? I was told this van is an 2004 the vin number is WHB19f47jof435349 it’s a Hobby. Also have you heard of a Hobby 700 uk? I cannot get any info about berth, layout, spec, ect. Thanks Heather

  83. Hi Josh,
    I have a shamal gt with no vin anywhere on the chassis but there is a serial number on a plate near the door reading 530486 E.
    would this be an 86 model? Any help would be appreciated
    Regards Lee

  84. Hi Josh,
    I am planning to buy a Abi Award Transtar 2 berth.The Number etched on window is SG75AWA ABTO254084
    It is advertised as a 2003 model, based on your info it must be a 1996 is that correct?
    Thank You – Alan

  85. Hi josh I am trying to cris register my lunar quaser I have the 17 digit number that’s etched in all the windows but cris are saying they can’t recognise it I’m struggling to see what’s wrong, can you help please

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  88. Hi josh I am trying to find out age of my van just bought it from relative I have taken a photo of the number on all my windows and checked it against your list but not had any luck finding out

  89. Wow, thanks for that Josh! Can’t find much info on them down here. Would you also happen to know anything about Avondales exported to Australia?

  90. I have an ABI Arizona Static Caravan and the serial number is AB0705991070018 and I believe it is meant to be etched onto one of the windows, but there is no Etching mark on any windows and there is only a plate at the end, what does the number mean please.
    Thank you

  91. Hi, please can you tell me if this is a legit vin number: SGLT000LUJ1003440. I have tried the vin decoder but doesn’t work and note that the ‘J’ doesn’t fit with any year of manufacture.

  92. Hi there, I just bought an ABI ace ambassador
    Plate says M4AB322585
    Any guesses…. I’m guessing ‘85 but it seems to be in too good of condition for that age

  93. but can you just check ive understood it..ive had my hymer eriba troll for abt 6 years and cant remember how old she is the vin is VGNTROLAT00275025 so this this mean shes a 96 sorry to mither.

  94. I am considering buying an used imported UK caravan in Australia and I have heard of some ‘shady’ characters selling these vans here and not giving the correct build year.

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