Save Money caravan insurance

How to save money on your caravan insurance

Save Money caravan insuranceIt is no secret that caravanning has it’s costs. Just like any other means of travel there are certain recurring costs that are involved, and caravan insurance is one of those.

As is true with most things, there is always a better deal available – if you are willing to search for it. Most caravanners get their insurance renewal notification from their existing caravan insurance provider and remain with the same company. The truth is that by doing this money is being left on the table.

By simply doing a bit of shopping around you could potentially save yourself as much as several hundreds pounds a year on your caravan insurance bill! That’s a few tanks of diesel!

The problem most people face when shopping around for caravan insurance is the sheer amount of time involved in doing so. You can easily spend 30 minutes on the phone to one company handing over all of your information. There are more than 20 main providers of caravan insurance, calling them all for the best deal is just crazy and would take forever!

HOWEVER… I do have a solution for you.

You need someone to do the legwork for you. Well I have found a company that does exactly that! You tell them about yourself and your caravan ONCE. They then take that information and contact 10+ of the major caravan insurance companies in the industry and find you the very best deal.

It is so simple to do – just click this link and click on the “Get Quotes Now” button and fill in the quick form.

It’s worth doing even if your insurance is not due for renewal yet – give it a go.

There’s More

You can also shave money off of your insurance bill in a few other ways too, although these will all have some upfront cost that may take a year or so to pay for itself with the discount it achieves:

Store at a CaSSOA registered site
CaSSOA registered sites are required to meet a certain security approval. They are graded from bronze to gold. Gold achieves the greatest discount because the site meets all the criteria set out by CaSSOA.

Have an alarm fitted
If you haven’t got one already, you could have an approved alarm system fitted to your caravan. You would need to check with your caravan insurance provider as to which ones they apply discounts for.

Use a hitch lock an or wheel lock
Most caravan insurers will require a minimum of a hitch lock and / or a wheel lock. If you have one, get the other and you may be eligible for a discount. Again, there are lots of different brands and some give higher discounts than others – always check with your insurance provider first.

Have a tracker fitted
Trackers can be quite expensive, especially since most of them are subscription based. But with some of the more modern expensive caravans it can pay itself off within the first 2-3 years because of the discount you achieve from them.


I’ve nothing more to say on the subject of saving money on your caravan insurance quote. But just to recap here is what I recommend:

I hope this helps you to save some cash!

Got some tips of your own to add? Share them in the comments section below.

Speak to you soon!


2 thoughts on “How to save money on your caravan insurance”

  1. Hi we’ve just started to think about buying a caravan as we know of one for sale at the right price, it’s a small bailey ranger 380/2 but we don’t know what we need, does it need a mot of some sort, or any basic information you could give a complete newbie.

    Thanks sam x

  2. Hi Sam,

    At the time of writing this, MOTs are not required for caravans. However, an annual service is highly recommended to ensure the safety and integrity of your caravan.

    Best of luck with your purchase.


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