How to secure your caravan & deter potential thieves

“Which security device is best” is one of the most asked question amongst caravanners.

My opinion and experience is that the more security devices you fit, the longer it takes to steal your prize second home and the greater the deterrent.

Good quality insurance is an absolute must and always talk through your requirements with your insurer and take their advice as to which device to fit to comply with their policy.

Normally your insurance company will have a list of approved devices to protect your caravan from theft. No device is 100% proof but the better quality insurance approved devices are the best.

Sold Secure

When I was asked this leading question I always replied that Insurance Approved (“Sold Secure”) wheel clamp and hitch lock with a monitored tracker and good quality alarm with motion sensor would be my recommendations.

Any way you can immobilise your caravan whist stored will deter the opportunist thief, wheel clamp,hitch lock corner steady locks alarm system,tracker driveway security posts,security gates with cctv,removing one of the wheels or parking your car close to your caravan are just a few ways to protect your caravan.

All these things will help prevent your caravan being stolen by the opportunist but as they say “if they want it bad enough then nothing you do will prevent it from being stolen”.Always make sure you have good quality good value Insurance cover on your caravan. I have found a good Caravan Insurance comparison website Click Here for the link.

Many times I have spoken to people that have said that their caravan was stolen when it was fully loaded the night before a trip and so many personal items have been lost. I would recommend that any personal valuable items are kept safe and separate from your caravan at all times maybe in a kit bag locked out of sight somewhere.

A Quick Story

Another popular story was that the caravan was stolen whilst en route to holiday from a service station car park whilst the owners were on a comfort break or having a meal. It only takes 2 mins to uncouple and reattach you caravan to a bandit vehicle and be driven away so be aware!

Always make an inventory with details, serial numbers, receipts and photographs of all you extra equipment that you have inside and outside of the caravans. Keep this information with your other caravan documents away from the caravan in a safe secure place.

To summarise:
Good quality insurance approved security devices.
Comprehensive Caravan Insurance Top Tip, and always speak to the Insurance company and comply fully with their recommendations.
Keep personal and sentimental items away separately when you are not inside your caravan.
Make a log of extras.
Do as much as you can to protect your caravan but never put your physical self at risk its not worth getting injured over a possession.

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  1. Bailey Strempel

    Thanks for spreading your experience. Great tips explained. Covered almost every little aspect. Hope this might help campers and hikers.I really appreciate your article.

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