How to Protect the front of your caravan whilst towing

Towing Covers

I have looked at different Towing Covers and there are different cost options available from the standard universal style to tailored bespoke covers and I have included the Amazon links within this article.

Front Panel Caravan Towing Covers are a great low cost solution to keeping the front panel of your caravan in great clean condition.

They are an effective barrier to the dead insects, mud splashes, stone chips, general road muck and grime, even water damage, which the front of any caravan is prone to when it’s being towed.

Fumes coming from your towcar’s exhaust can mark your caravan’s shiny white coachwork. Summer sun can also have a conditioning effect on your caravans bodywork.

Also towing covers can cut out any glare caused by the towing vehicles lights reflecting off the caravan’s front windows and the bodywork ,including the glare from the rear foglight.

The Defender Universal Towing Cover 


The Defender Universal Caravan Towing Cover will protect your caravan windows from stone impact damage and road debris which can be very costly.

This new improved design has the benefit of a non marking buckle system this is an important feature as without this the black buckles can mark and scratch your caravan.

Our re designed towing cover is fitted with 7 adjustable securing straps either side which easily attach to the awning rails. There is also an adjustable strap to secure it around the A frame.

Please note: The defender caravan towing cover WILL ONLY fit caravans up to 2.5m wide, with two awning channels (one either side). This cover fits caravans from 7’1” (215cm) to maximum 8’7” (260cm)

The cover allows you to arrive at your destination with “A caravan as clean as when you set off” and damage free.

Main Features:

Mark free buckles system. No more black marks left on your caravan which can be difficult to remove

Improved 4 ply breathable thicker material for added impact resistance to give extra cushioning

Protection from stone chips, dirt, bugs and light reflection

Double Stitched securing straps

An additional strap to secure around the A frame

X 2 LED battery operated lights included for extra visibility that locate in to the 2 clear plastic pockets on the cover. (Lights take x3 AAA batteries – Not included)

4 x high reflective strips to give better visibility on the road when travelling at night



The Tow Pro Lite By Specialised Covers


The universal fitting Tow Pro Lite, uses Specialised Covers own strong, impact-absorbing non-scratch fleece material, protecting the front of your caravan from window and impact damage. The Tow Pro’s one-piece construction with T-Fit System™ for quick and easy fitting, uses awning channels to ensure the cover is securely fastened to your caravan during travel. Designing anything for a second time usually means you have experience to learn from and with our second generation universal fit towing cover, we did exactly that. With a clean piece of paper we started all over and achieved something amazing. We made it better. Redesigned with more features and more benefits. The TOW PRO LITE® fits any caravan with 2 awning channels up to 2.5m wide. The best universal protective towing cover just got better.

Universal fit for all vans with 2 awning channels up to 2.5 m wide

Strong, impact-absorbing, durable, waterproof, UV-protective & soft non-scratch fleece-lined material

One-piece construction with T-Fit System for quick fitting

Exclusive fitted push-operated & removable LED Eye Lights for day and night use

Double-vented design for an enhanced fit.


Leisure Depot Premium Caravan Cover


Leisure Depot Premium Caravan Towing Covers – A Must Have Towing Protector! Some country roads can be rough and tough to drive on, the last thing you want to find when arriving at your campsite is chips or cracks in your window and insect / road dirt residue. This Leisure Depot towing cover will sheild your caravan and its front window from impact and road grime whilst driving to your destination. It gives an added layer of protection against errant stones and debris that cn cause your windows to chip or crack and damage your paintwork. It also prevents exhaust fume debris building up and insect residue. This towing cover comes with: 8 Straps on each side with buckles Hitch strap buckles Buckle covers Carry/Storage Bags 2x LED Lights with Batteries Features: UV Protection 100% Breathable & Waterproof Fabric Protects against cracked windows and stone chips Prevents exhaust fume debris building up and from road dirt Protection from insect residue Suitable for most caravans up to 2.5mts wide Two awning channels with openings are required to fit this cover. Fabric Width – 220cm (approx)

8 Straps on each side with buckles

Buckle covers

Comes with 2x LED Lights

Carry Bag Included

Suitable for Caravans up to 2.5mts Wide

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