My Story So Far – 32 years later





I was born into a family business formed in 1954, selling Caravans, Motorhomes

Helping out from a very early age at weekends and school holidays.

I left school and entered the Motor trade doing an apprenticeship at the local Ford Garage during the late 70”s early *80”s during my favorite classic Ford Cars era.   I quickly learnt to fit tow bars to all the larger Fords and won the contract for my employer to fit the tow bars from my family business.

When I graduated from my apprenticeship at the Ford Garage, I remained there for a short time before joining the family caravan business. Starting out in the accessory shop, workshop and soon progressed to the sales department.

Whilst in the sales department I soon heard lots of sad stories from my customers about buying a caravan to enjoy the out door life with their families, which soon turned to stress and trouble due to buying an unsatisfactory caravan.   With so many things not functioning or the most common fault of water ingress into their second home, spoiling what is a great past time for creating so many fond lasting memories.

Running the fast expanding family business during the economy crash late 2008 and the ever increasing strain on cash flow took its toll on my health and the family break up ended the business in 2015.

Left un-employed, home less and starting over my beautiful wife and I decided to leave England and seek a new life in the South of Spain.

Without friends or contacts it was tough but I decided to continue within my heritage Industry. I created a business on line to share my lifetime experience and write a book to help, advise and assist first time caravanners in buying a caravan whilst avoiding common expensive mistakes. Taking over my sons website and face book page, YouTube channel, and podcasts my new on line business had some great assets to share with the caravan public.

Being able to help gave me a new feeling of belonging and hope and a great new direction within my family heritage Caravan Industry.

Would anyone listen to me?

Am I good enough to do this?

Can I learn new skills online?

Am I too old at 58 to start again and be successful?

Lots of self doubt but lets try it, I have nothing to loose I’m 1500 miles away from my audience but I have so much experience to share.

After months of writing and formatting, cover designing and trying to find a publishing platform my book was born. Confidential Caravan Buying Guide sold 10 copies the first day of launching on Amazon and so my publishing days have started. Please follow this link

New ideas came to mind, I could create an audio book, write more blogs for the website, digital e-books, information sheets and a video damp testing course to explain the tools you need and the techniques to employ to do your own ‘Damp Test on a Caravan’.

So my new journey starts to help all new caravanners into the wonderful life style of caravanning for great family times at the weekend or your main holidays and memory making experiences to fondly remember forever.

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