How 2 Caravan Podcast Episode 002

[PODCAST] H2C 002: Storing your caravan and keeping secure

How 2 Caravan Podcast Episode 002Episode 2 of the How 2 Caravan Podcast is now live for you to listen to. Either download it through your Podcast app on your Apple device or use the little grey media player above this text to listen to this episode.

Episode Summary

In this episode I talk about caravan storage and keeping your caravan secure whilst in storage. This is a topic that is highly relevant for new caravanners and people who are looking to put their caravans in to storage. I talk about all the different options that are open to you when it comes to storage locations, and I also talk about security devices that can help to keep your caravan secure.

Notes for Reference

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If you own a caravan you are going to need somewhere to store it. If you store it somewhere you are going to need to keep it secure.

Let’s look at your options for storing your caravan:

  • At home – on the driveway / in the garden
  • Farmers field
  • Farmers barn
  • Registered CASSOA site (Caravan Storage Site Owners Association)
    • Facts about CaSSOA
      • Represent caravan storage site owners
      • Help them to minimise caravan thefts by promoting the highest levels of securities
      • Over 500 secure storage sites across the UK
      • 3 levels of award are given by CaSSOA
        • Bronze: must meet the minimum security standards which include:
          • Perimeter protection
          • Lockable gates
        • Silver: Step up in security from bronze:
          • CCTV & monitored entry and exit of the site
        • Gold: the highest level award is given to sites providing the highest level of security
          • Over 50% of current members have achieved gold
          • Gold awarded storage sites are normally business that offer only storage, whereas bronze and silver might be farms or caravan & motorhome dealerships
      • Level of CaSSOA award can have an impact on your insurance premium, with gold offering the highest discount with some insurance companies

How can you secure your caravan in storage:

  • Wheel lock
    • Different types of lock include:
      • Standard wheel clamp – 3 arm type
      • Bar across wheel (normally attaches to wheel nut)
      • Lozenge type (harder to remove, nothing to cut away)
  • Hitch lock (look for “Sold Secure” logo to determine whether lock is approved (will give higher discounts with some insurers)
  • Alarm
  • Tracker
  • Removing wheels
  • Caravan cover
  • Don’t leave valuable inside on display
  • Storage location benefits may include CCTV
  • Security posts & ground anchors

The more security you can give to your caravan the better.

Lots of caravans are stolen to order, so it is likely some one will have been and looked at what sort of security devices the caravan has before attempting to steal it – the more you have, the harder it is going to be for them to steal it and the less likely they are going to be to attempt it

Links and Resources

I mentioned a few products resources in this episode and want to make sure you can get access to them all. Below is a list of everything you will need:

CaSSOA site finder
3 armed wheel clamp
Single armed wheel lock

A quick list of insurance companies that give discount (I think) for caravans stored on CaSSOA approved sites:

Caravan Guard

Final Thoughts

Thank you very much for listening to this episode of the How 2 Caravan Podcast. I really hope you enjoyed it.

Be sure a comment below if you have any questions or anything you would like to add to the subject of caravan storage and security. Also, please head over to iTunes and leave an honest review for the show, I’d love to know your thoughts.

I’ll speak to you in the next episode!

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