Should I Join A Caravan Club?


One of the most exciting things about caravanning is getting involved with the many clubs. It is a pretty lively scene with a rally, meet-up, party or something going on near enough

every week. If you are not a part of it then you’re missing out.

There are two main types of club in the caravan industry; the smaller member run clubs and the larger organisation clubs. The member run clubs are usually Owner’s Clubs that are specifically for owners of a certain brand of caravan. The larger clubs are corporate authority organisations formed to give support and advice to their members.

The Caravan and Motorhome Club (the largest club in the industry) also has smaller local subsidiaries of the club known as “Centres”. The Centres are generally member run and operate semi-independently to the main club.

The smaller clubs are generally non-profits that enable like minded people to come together and have a great time.

There are easily more than 100 different clubs to choose from, but here is a small sample list of some popular ones:

  • ●  The Caravan and Motorhome Club – Previously known as “The Caravan Club”. It is the longest standing and largest club with nearly 1 million members and most respected club in the industry
  • ●  The Camping & Caravanning Club – The oldest club for all forms of camping and has over 500,000 members
  • ●  The Compass Club – Compass caravan owners club
  • ●  Burstner Club – Burstner caravan owners club
  • ●  The Bailey Owners’ Caravan Club – Bailey caravan owners club
  • ●  Lunar Owners Club – Lunar caravan owners club
  • ●  Buccaneer Owners Club – Buccaneer caravan owners club
  • ●  The Swift Owners’ Club – Swift caravan owners club
  • ●  The AAOCC (All Avondale Owners’ Caravan Club) – Avondale caravan owners club
  • ●  The Elddis Owners Club – Elddis caravan owners club
  • ●  Bessacarr Owners Club – Bessacarr caravan owners club
  • ●  The ABI & Friends Caravan Club – ABI caravan owners club
  • ●  Abbey Caravan Owners Club – Abbey caravan owners club
  • ●  Sterling Caravan Owners Club – Sterling caravan owners club


There are, of course, many other clubs. Be sure to take a good look around for a club to join — you can enjoy some fantastic perks and benefits simply by being a member of certain clubs.

What To Expect From The Clubs

Each club has its own unique offerings. To put them all into the same basket would be a mistake. There is so much more that can be gained from joining a club than I can put into words, but here is a list of just some of things you might expect from a club:

  • ●  Expert advice
  • ●  Form new friendships with like minded people
  • ●  Become a part of a strong community
  • ●  Discounts from supporting dealers
  • ●  Discounts from supporting insurance companies
  • ●  Access to “member only” sites
  • ●  Preferential pricing and access at certain sites
  • ●  Print material such as site guides, magazines and more
  • ●  Access to join local Centres
  • ●  Invitation to “member only” rallies

    The one thing that all of the clubs have in common is the social aspect. Every one of them welcomes new members with open arms and are keen to forge relationships that will last a life time.


The NCC – National Caravan Council

The NCC was formed in 1939 as the UK trade body representing the collective interests of the tourer, motorhome, holiday home and park home sectors.

The NCC is simply a club for the industries manufacturers, traders and retailers. Although you, the consumer cannot become a member, it is certainly worth knowing they are and what they do.

The two biggest caravan and motorhome shows of the year are held at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre – one in February and the other in October. The NCC is responsible for the organisation and running of these two shows.

There are certain industry-wide standards that manufacturers, dealers and service & repair workshops are expected to adhere to. The NCC is also responsible governing these expectations and ensuring that they are fulfilled.

You may have heard of “The Approved Workshop Scheme”. Service and repair workshops receive the “NCC Approved Workshop” accreditation so long as they work to a certain standard of safety and quality. I would always recommend using these workshops as you can be sure of the level of workmanship. If you receive less than satisfactory work you can contact The NCC who can help to resolve the issue.


Should You Join A Club?

Should you join a club? I recommend you do, especially if you are just getting started in the caravan world. Even after reading this book you will still have lots of questions – if you are a part of a club there is always someone to turn to.

I always recommend everyone to join The Caravan and Motorhome Club. There is so much the club has to offer you. If you are interested in joining go to where you can submit your application in just a few minutes online.


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