Single axle VS twin axle caravans: The pros and cons

Let’s take a look at an age-old debate; “single axle, or twin axle?”

Whether you are looking to buy your first caravan, upgrade or downsize, chances are that this question has cropped up at some point in your caravanning life. If it hasn’t, then it soon will.

Both single and twin axle caravans have their own pros and cons.

In answer to the above question, neither is necessarily better. It is simply the fact that either single or twin will appeal more to your current circumstances and or style of touring. Take a look at the list below and make up your own mind.

Single axle caravan pros

  1. Generally smaller & lighter (makes them easier to maneuver)
  2. Cheaper service costs (having only one axle means only one set of wheels and brakes have to be inspected)
  3. Cheaper to buy
  4. Cheaper to insure
  5. Can be towed by wider range of vehicles
  6. Only two tyres to replace (2 in comparison to the 4 on a twin axle)
  7. Easier to accommodate in storage

Twin axle caravan pros

  1. Greater stability whilst towing (4 wheels on the ground helps)
  2. Greater amount of living & storage space inside
  3. Not as heavy on the nose (the weight distribution tends to be better on twin axles)
  4. More suitable for families (twin axle caravans generally have layouts that suit families due to the extra space)
  5. Greater payload (that’s right, you can carry more stuff!)
  6. Often fitted with onboard water tanks (not in all cases, but most have onboard water tanks)
  7. More space on roof for fitting of accessories like satellite dishes and air conditioning

Single axle cons

  1. Not as much storage and living space
  2. Less stable on the road (4 wheels gives greater stability)
  3. Generally missing some of the “luxury” facilities (such as onboard water tanks, roof mounted air con, etc)
  4. Smaller payload (you can’t carry as much with you compared with a twin axle)

Twin axle cons

  1. More difficult to maneuver (requires at least 4 people to safely maneuver)
  2. Most remote controlled caravan movers can not turn on a circle (they shunt the caravan around)
  3. Heavier (costs more in fuel to tow them)
  4. More expensive to buy

I racked my brains for a while about all of these points, it is everything I could possibly think of. Do you have any more to add?

I’d like to know which you prefer and why – let me know in the comments below, is it single or twin axle for you?

6 thoughts on “Single axle VS twin axle caravans: The pros and cons”

  1. 4 people to manoeuvre a twin axle?? Maybe they should ensure they have correct licence. I have been a truck driver for 22 accident free years and wouldnt swap my hobby 700 for the world. As a female driver men always seem surprised to see me manoeuvre my caravan backwards forwards etc. Shows the knuckle dragging cave dwellers are still out there.

    1. Hi Ozel,

      I was referring to manual manoevering of a caravan; one person on each corner.

      Maybe that is what you meant too, and not only are you blessed with incredible towing skills, but also super strength 😉

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Important Pro for Twin axle Caravan.
    If (or when) a near side wheel comes off. It is a completely different result between the two outfits. Single axle – probably end of holiday right there.
    Twin Axle – You might feel when the wheel comes off (I thought someone had driven into the back of us), pull over and sort it out – holiday continues.
    That’s what what happened with our twin axle once.

  3. I had a Bailey Senator Twin Axle Caravan when children were young. I purchased from new and at the time was advised that twin axles was hard to move once off the vehicle.
    I found this to be nonsense; simply wind down the jockey wheel thereby lifting two front wheels off the ground and it moves with ease ( i didn’t have a motor mover either!).
    Towing was good too; it felt very stable and secure.

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