Caravan quiz

Think you’re cut out for caravanning? Take this quiz

Caravan quizI want to find out how much you guys know about caravans. So I put together this short 15 question quiz to test your knowledge.

Most of the questions are relatively easy, but watch out for the trick questions.

It’s only a bit of fun – plus I’ve structured it to help you learn if you don’t know the answer!

Give it a go and let me know how you got on in the comments section below.

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37 thoughts on “Think you’re cut out for caravanning? Take this quiz”

  1. Damian.bradburn

    Would have still got the (how many wheels question on a single axle caravan wrong eitherway) .
    What about the spare wheel…? Lol

  2. I counted the spare wheel on the single axle caravan too so that would be 4 – two on the axle, jockey wheel and the spare. But great quiz Thank you

  3. Marielouise Beck

    Hi Josh

    Just wanted to thank you for your valuable information on caravans, you are a true enthusiast! I have been tinkering with the thought of purchasing a ‘used caravan’ for a year or so. I had a Swift caravan quite a few years ago, it was cheaper then hotels for a family of four! It was lovely to get away, even though most of the time it was for business purposes ie Land Rover shows etc. I had so many questions regarding buying a caravan, what to look out for, insurance, siting it etc, so when I came across your blog all my stresses evaporated, just have to find that special van for me! I had the Swift previously, so will look for another. Many many thanks Marielouise

  4. Jenny Baker-Griffiths

    I got 14 out of 15…the noseweight question was a guess lol. ..I leave that to hubby!

  5. Wheels on a caravan how about 4, including the spare! You should be carrying one!! As for weights, I’m rubbish at that but 12/15, not bad!!

  6. Very proud I learnt so much just looking for our first caravan 🙂 As we don’t have one yet either I’m impressed.
    8 of 15 questions answered correctly

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    You have reached 8 of 15 points, (53.33%)

  7. Steve Blandford

    Good bit of fun, completed with a 100% score in 5.50 minutes, would have been quicker if id not lost some time for tea drinking. .LOL..

  8. 60% Not bad for someone who doesn’t even drive let alone tow. Years of caravanning with my parent has taught me something.

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