What type of gas should you use in your caravan and why?

Which gas is best to use in a caravan?A question that is often overlooked when buying your first caravan “what is the best gas to use in a caravan?”. Let’s get down to discussing your options and deciding which one to use.

What are the options?

Nice and simple, there are two choices:

* Propane (red cylinder) – a by-product created during the processing of natural gas and the refining of petroleum
* Butane (blue cylinder) – a highly flammable hydrocarbon gas that is a constituent of petroleum

What are the differences?

That’s right! Most caravan gas powered appliances are designed to operate using either propane or butane, but what’s the difference?

Facts about propane:

* Propane has a higher calorific value which means that it burns hotter (your kettle will boil faster using propane)
* Propane is lighter than butane – A 6kg propane cylinder’s comparable butane cylinder weighs 7kg
* Propane is cheaper than butane
* Propane can operate in temperatures as low as -46 degrees C meaning it can be used all year round

Facts about butane:

* Butane gas will not operate at temperatures less than 2 degrees C meaning it can only be used in the Spring and Summer
* Butane is less toxic than propane and also burns cleaner
* Butane is heavier than propane (as we already discovered above)
* Butane is more expensive than propane (again, we already covered this)

Propane gasSo which gas should you use?

And the winner is…

Weighing up all of the facts about propane and butane gas from above and looking at it from a caravanner’s stand point it has to be propane. It has a few solid advantages that will make your caravanning experience better all around. If you use propane over butane you will spend less, be able to pack more, not strain your back as much lifting it into the locker and use it all year round.

What else do you need to know?

One more thing to add is that you need to make sure you have the correct regulator or hose (depending on the age of your caravan) for the gas you are using. Caravans built before 2005 will generally be fitted with a removable regulator, this may easily be changed for either a propane or butane regulator. Caravans built after 2005 will be fitted with a bulk head regulator for which you must change the hose to suit the type of gas you are using.


I hope this has helped to answer your question about which gas to use in your caravan. Drop me a line below it helped you out and ask any further questions you might have.

Thanks for reading!

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